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VitalboxⓇ Storage container is designed as an innovative and multifunctional building with compact dimensions. Practicle and useable design, long life and quality is in the heart of everything we create. Inspired designed and manufactured by the solid German engineering. You can choose between Round wood and Trx cladding.


The house is made individually for each customer created with quality materials. Interior design is simple and it is easy for you to create the desire space. It is possible to order without any equipment by individual project.


1. 4 cm Sandwich panel insulation (extra paid 8 cm)

2. Galvanized metal construction

3. Aluminium doors

4. PVC windows

5. Long lasting paint

6. Lightening

7. Plywood floor

Standart products are with 4 cm insolation. Your container will be delivered with ready el. installation and lightening. The connection to the el. network is very easy. In the storage containers there are sockets, switches and lamps, they are marked in the drawing. Outside the container there is an electrical box connected with the el. power supply. Standard storage container is plywood floor, if you want we can add a metal floor with extra paid.

Choose Your Model

AX-1 / 2790 EUR without VAT

AX-2 / 3690 EUR without VAT

AX-2 / 6990 EUR without VAT

Draw and send us

The size of each module must be 240 cm x 600 cm H: 250 cm or H: 285 cm, you can combine an unlimited number of modules.

Draw and send the individual project by your wishes. We will assist you.

If you want, you can order the products without kitchen, bathroom or as your desires. Write to us for detailes information.

Example drawing

Make your design and send the draft to us.

Choose Your Extras & Accessories

You can choose between different type of extras: Air conditioner, Convector, Cladding, Terrace, Lettice, Mosquito net i etc.

Easy Installation guide

Here you can find more information how to install your product. It is very easy and fast.

Make an Order

1. Choose your desire model and it`s dimentions.
2. Choose your extras and accessories.
3. Send a requiest to our e-mail adress or call us. We will reply you as soon as possible.